The Rainbow Warrior Invaded by Giant Plastic Packaging in the Med

Greenpeace’s flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, has been surrounded by giant single-use plastic items in Mediterranean waters. The action seeks to make visible the invisible, and to denounce the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans, especially in the Mediterranean Sea.

Activists placed ten giant objects representing some of the most frequently found items on beaches: two bottles of 12 meters, two glasses of 6 meters and giant straws and bottle caps. A banner of 60 m2, reads #NoPlastic.

Approximately 40% of the demand of plastic in Europe is for plastic packaging, most of it single-use. Also plastic packaging is the most common waste littered in the environment round the world. This action is part of the international campaign “Less plastic, more Mediterranean” in which the flagship of Greenpeace, Rainbow Warrior, is touring the Mediterranean to denounce the huge presence of plastic in the sea and to demand governments in the region to take urgent measures to stop this serious problem.

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